Brief Introduction of Dust Removal Equipment for Induction Furnace

Process System Diagram of Dust Removal System

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The dust removal system mainly includes a collection hood, a dust removal pipeline, a dust collector, a main fan, a main motor, and an electric control system.

● Collecting Hood: used to collect the flue gas generated during feeding, smelting and steel tapping. Below is the exterior view of the trap hood of the energy-saving furnace.

● System Air Volume and Pipe Network

● Dust Collector

Flue gas purification is the most important part of the dust removal system of energy-saving furnaces. At present, the flue gas purification equipment usually adopts high-efficiency bag filter. The pulse dust bag dust collector is a strong dust removal and high efficiency dust collector, which is very suitable for the fine and sticky dust characteristics of energy-saving furnaces.

Structure and Principle of Dust Collector

The dust collector is composed of clean air chamber, filter bag chamber, ash hopper, inlet and outlet air ducts, inlet and outlet air pipes, ash cleaning system, main fan, main motor, and electric control.

The dust collector consists of multiple clean air bins, clean room (filter room, also called body, and uniform temperature sedimentation chamber), ash hopper, flue gas inlet channel and purification exhaust channel, filter bag and frame, pulse air distributor, It is composed of pulse valve, blowing pipe, clean air chamber sealing cover, etc. Each ash silo is equipped with a silo wall vibrator and an observation manhole (which can be used for maintenance in case of failure). The filter bag is firmly hung on the flower plate through the elastic force of the spring expansion ring of the bag mouth, and forms between the flower plate hole Stable seal.

1.The flue gas inlet channel of the dust collector is directly connected to the upper part of the ash hopper (purification room), and each clean air bin is connected with the exhaust channel of the dust collector.

2.The dust-containing gas enters the filter bag in the clean room of the dust collector and enters the clean air warehouse after filtering, and then exits the dust collector through the exhaust channel.

3.The dust removal method of the dust collector is a bag negative pressure external filter type, and the cloth bag is a polyester needle felt with a temperature resistance of ≤130°.

Advantages of Dust Collector

1.Optimize the inlet and outlet air ducts of the dust collector to reduce the structural resistance of the dust collector.

2.Clean the pulse air source to filter out the oil and water in the air source, avoid condensation on the filter bag, and completely remove the dust on the cloth bag.

3.The pulse controller is used to control the pulse cleaning program to realize automatic pulse cleaning, which can make the resistance of the dust collector stable for a long time.

4.Optimized design of small warehouse structure.

5.The dust collector has low resistance and can operate stably for a long time at <1500Pa.

Dust Collector Appearance Diagram

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