The crystallizer is a very critical component in continuous casting equipment. In the solidification process in which the molten steel is injected into the crystallizer to gradually form the thickness of the shell, the crystallizer is required to have good heat conduction, cooling ability and wear resistance; good rigidity.
In order to satisfy the above functions, the crystallizer adopts an international and domestic advanced uniform narrow water slit and a high water speed cooling structure, and this structure will effectively avoid partial boiling of the cooling water, thereby solidifying the casting billet passing through the crystallizer. At the same time, it not only increases the thickness of the shell, but also reduces corner cracks and stripping.
The crystallizer is mainly composed of a copper pipe, an inner and outer water jacket, a zero-stage spray device and the like. The copper tube is curved with a parabolic taper and is sealed with a sealing member. The upper flange is stuck on the upper part of the outer water jacket, and the lower flange positions the copper tube to allow the copper tube to expand freely. The outer water jacket is a steel plate welded piece, a mold cooling water inlet and outlet pipe, a support plate in which the crystallizer and the vibrating device are aligned, and is used for fixing the upper flange of the copper pipe, the lower flange for positioning the copper pipe, the protective plate, etc.
The inner water jacket is made of stainless steel to ensure high flow rate of cooling water in the water gap of the outer wall of the copper pipe and to uniformly cool the copper pipe.
The water jacketed crystallizer uses specially equipped circulating cooling water to enter the outer water jacket from the crystallizer inlet pipe (low temperature water flows down the outer surface of the copper pipe to the bottom in the water gap around the copper pipe), and finally the high temperature water The outlet pipe at the upper part of the copper pipe leaves the crystallizer.
The main technical parameters
Structure: narrow slit diversion water jacket crystallizer
Copper tube form: tapered tube
Material: Phosphorus deoxidized copper
Cooling water pressure: ≥0.8Mpa
Water seam: 4mm
Crystallizer Cover
The crystallizer cover adopts a welded structure, the first function is to prevent the two cold steam from being dissipated, the second is to prevent the steel slag which is removed from the crystallizer from splashing into the vibrating device, and the third is to prevent the molten steel from burning out the crystallizer.
Crystallizer Vibration Device
Technical Parameters
Type Half plate spring vibration
Vibration mode Sinusoid
Amplitude 4mm
Frequency 80~300times/min
Reducer:speed ratio=1:4.5
Electric motor: YZP160M2-4 1440r/min  11Kw
Function and structure
The vibrating device is used for cause the crystallizer to reciprocate up and down to prevent the mold from sticking to the slab and to move the slab down the mold cavity.
The vibration device is composed of a fixed frame, a vibrating arm, a vibration frame, and a driving device. The vibrating frame vibrates in a sinusoidal curve driven by the vibrating arm.
The drive unit includes a variable frequency motor and a speed reducer. The motor adopts AC frequency conversion speed regulation.
The drive unit is placed on the second floor platform for maintenance.

Post time: Mar-18-2022