LMG325 Grab Steel Machine

LMG325 Grab Steel Machine
LMG325 Grab Steel Machine
2.1、Performance Advantages of Grab Steel:
High-end configuration, safe and reliable, comfortable operation, convenient maintenance
1.Power System
1)Adopt international famous brand engine, strong power, efficient and reliable;
2)Meet the national III emission standards, low noise, low vibration, energy saving and environmental protection;
3)Excellent heat dissipation system, the power performance is maximized;
4)With low temperature starter, it is suitable for operation in severe cold areas.

2.Advanced and Reliable Hydraulic System
1)Advanced and reliable hydraulic system, the main hydraulic components are imported, the performance is stable and reliable, and the service life is long;
2)The boom and the arm are locked by the hydraulic cylinder, which has good impact resistance, and both achieve double pump confluence, multi-action compounding and stable operation;
3)The advanced power and hydraulic pump matching control system can achieve the best system matching. The front real-time dynamic control algorithm can be used to track the maximum effective output power of the engine in real time, so that the hydraulic system can absorb and utilize the output power of the engine to the maximum extent. Limiting the efficiency of the operation, greatly reducing the fuel consumption of the machine, effectively reducing the working strength of the engine and hydraulic components, reducing system heating, improving the economics, reliability and service life of the equipment.

3.Larger Working Range and Better Machine Stability
1)Optimized design of the extended boom and extended stick to achieve maximum grab radius and maximum grab height;
2)The stick adopts double cylinder design, which is balanced by dynamic operation and has a longer service life;
3)Newly plan the whole vehicle layout, simulate the actual working conditions through motion simulation to ensure the smooth and smooth machine during the movement.

4.Safe and Flexible Walking System
1)Self-locking brake of the travel motor, hydraulic opening, good safety;
2)Two speeds of walking speed are selected to achieve two speeds to meet different working conditions;
3)Tracked walking device, grounding pressure is small, walking is smooth, and steering is flexible.

5.Optimized Design of High Strength, Durable Structural Parts
1)A large number of high-strength, wear-resistant alloy steel plates are used;
2)Carefully designed structural parts, slewing platform, lower frame and working device have excellent mechanical properties;
3)Greatly improve the overall structural strength, support strong grip and extend the service life of the machine.

6.Easy-to-use, Rugged Hydraulic Grab
1)The connection between the grab and the stick is distributed in the direction of 90° with the double hinge point, and the direction of the grab can be adjusted front and rear and left and right;
2)The standard plum grab has a large volume, light weight, reasonable structure, and is durable;
3)A variety of work grippers can be selected according to actual needs, and can be used to carry a variety of work grips such as plum grab, shell grab, electromagnetic sucker, round grab.

7.Safe and Comfortable Cab
1)With the balance valve lifting cab, the cab can be operated smoothly and safely, which makes the driver's vision more open in the boxing and unloading operations, which is convenient for grasping the materials in the cabin;
2)Equipped with a cab fence to protect the operator's personal safety;
3)Comfortable and beautiful driving space, anti-vibration and sound insulation, multi-directional high-through-large glass application, and a wider field of vision;
4)All operation controls are arranged and installed according to ergonomics, and the large-screen display is beautiful and generous;
5)Large-capacity environmentally-friendly air-conditioning and air-conditioning, providing a full range of three-dimensional air supply, providing operators with a comfortable working environment;
6)Adjustable seat and armrests are easy to operate and effectively relieve fatigue during long hours.

8.Convenient and Fast, Time-saving Maintenance
1)The unique combined large-capacity cooling system design can effectively enhance heat dissipation, and exert the super heat dissipation performance of the machine in the case of overload or continuous operation;
2)The hydraulic oil filter system adopts the configuration of a well-known fluid control manufacturer, with low maintenance cost and high maintenance level;
3)Convenient daily maintenance: Diesel engine oil filter, oil-water separator, air filter, etc. are designed for easy inspection and replacement.

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