• Common Problems of Coke Ovens and Technical Measures (2)

    1.Why must the α value be controlled at about 1.2 when using coke oven gas for heating? The α value is about 1.2, which can make the gas burn completely and prevent high temperature accidents. If the value of α is too small, the amount of air will be insufficient, resulting in incomplete combusti...
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  • Common Problems of Coke Ovens and Technical Measures (1)

    1.How does the "Blasting" sound often heard during the exchange of coke ovens? "Blasting" is caused by the mixing of coke oven gas and air in the brick gas duct to ignite and backfire. Generally, "blasting" occurs about 10-20s after the exchange. Most of them occur in brick gas ducts where the up...
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  • Induction Coil Red Mud

    Medium frequency furnace induction coil insulation red mud: designed to protect the core of the coreless induction furnace coil and the inner surface of the coil to protect the material. Insulate and delay the deformation of the coil. It has the characteristics of high strength, high density, hig...
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  • Brief Introduction of Dust Removal Equipment for Induction Furnace

    Process System Diagram of Dust Removal System The dust removal system mainly includes a collection hood, a dust removal pipeline, a dust collector, a main fan, a main motor, and an electric control system. ● Collecting Hood: used to collect the flue gas generated during feeding, smelting and ste...
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  • Installation Process and Precautions of Ladle Weighing System

    1、There are two scales on the turntable, one on the right and one on the left, two weighing boxes on the left and two weighing boxes on the right. 2、The side plates of the front and the back sides of the weighing box can be disassembled (they can be opened in the wareh...
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  • Bearing Rolling Mill

    1、Semi-Closed Three-Hi Roller Bearing Rolling Mill Good rigidity, Axial adjustment is convenient and the clearance is small. The equipment is compact and light. The opening of the roll is adjusted symmetrically. When the rolling mill is adjusted, the center line remains unchanged. Rapid roll cha...
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  • LMG325 Grab Steel Machine

    LMG325 Grab Steel Machine

    LMG325 Grab Steel Machine 2.1、Performance Advantages of Grab Steel: High-end configuration, safe and reliable, comfortable operation, convenient maintenance 1.Power System 1)Adopt international famous brand engine, strong power, efficient and reliable; 2)Meet the national III emission ...
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  • LMG240 Mobile Grabber

    LMG240 Mobile Grabber

    Product Performance Advantages: 1)Accurate control technology to achieve adaptive matching and rapid response when the main pump absorbs torque and engine output torque; 2)Unique hydraulic system and piping design to minimize the loss of the machine itself; 3)Automatic idle speed and one-...
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  • Under the Epidemic-Geli Machinery Breaks through the Storm

    (Uzbekistan steel plant project contracted by Geli went into production smoothly) At present, the difficulties faced by foreign trade companies, from the perspective of exports, although with the effective control of the domestic epidemic, the difficulty of resuming wor...
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  • Feasibility Analysis of Blast Furnace Slag Injection Technology

    1、Prerequisites for Blast Furnace Slag Injection The catalytic effect of converter slag is suitable for coal with low volatile content. At present, the domestic coal for blast furnace injection in China is basically mixed coal, with a volatile content of about 15%. At the same time, the oxygen e...
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  • Harm of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen to Steel Products

    1、Harm of Hydrogen When the hydrogen content in steel is greater than 2 ppm, hydrogen plays an important role in the so-called "flaking off" phenomenon. When internal cracks and fractures occur during the cooling process after rolling and forging, this spalling phenomenon is generally more obvio...
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  • Four Processes of High Speed Steel Manufacturing (Part 2)

    Powder Metallurgy Technology Overview: The production process of high-speed steel by powder metallurgy is mainly divided into two steps: 1.The basic principle of gas atomization powder production is to restrict the flow of molten high-speed steel through the guide tube at the bottom of the crucib...
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